Friday, November 12, 2010

What I want for Christmas

What I want for Christmas

Now before I go with “All I want for Christmas is…” I’ll give you a whole story.

One night I was watching TV just lazing around as usual when all of a sudden dad comes running up and hands me a white box. I opened it and it was a brand new Pentax K-r! Apparently I’m one of the first people to touch this thing in the Philippines. =w= He told me to get ready because we were going out to give it a run.

Now the camera itself is pretty awesome. If you used a Pentax K-x then the K-r won’t feel too different. And I had a great feel for the camera and it was a good experience.

Now for me the shake reduction on that thing was awesome. I was shooting at 1/15 of a second and the picture itself was still pretty good. Also in my opinion it was faster than the K-x as far as the software went. I can’t really tell if the auto focusing was faster and better because I don’t usually notice it unless I’m REALLY paying attention or it’s just that obvious.

Now the K-r also felt heavier compared to the K-x but not enough to bother me. Also it was more solid, the K-x felt a little hollow, like if you squeezed it you can feel plastic hitting each other, the K-r feels denser. On another note when you pop up the onboard flash you notice it to be quite tall. Which is cool because it sorta means less red eye and it wont be affected by the lens hood.

Overall I think it's a good camera and something I would want to get. Compared to my current camera Pentax *ist-Ds which is basically virtually half of everything the K-r is. From 6 mega pixels to 12. From max of ISO3200 to ISO25600. And in many ways it's a huge improvement from my current camera.

So dad no more excuses like "I didn't know". You know what I want for Christmas now! >:3