Tuesday, August 7, 2012

"I said 'what's up with this weather?'"

"Because on and off
 The clouds have fought
 For control over the sky...

 And lately the weather has been so bi-polar
 And consequently so have I"
 -Relient K; High of 75

When you are so pessimistic and paranoid that you can't believe school actually got cancelled. That would be the normal reaction for someone studying hard for a quiz close to midnight when they get a message telling them "na walang pasok" (that there isn't any classes).

Or, maybe, it is just me. Now for the most part that would be a cause for celebration because "hey-we got no school!" But then the rain escalates bringing on a proverbial wet hell onto the country. Wet enough of a hell for people to play the "wrathful hand of God" card and to start unnecessary arguments that tend to end with photoshopped images of Batman slapping Robin.

At the height of the rain (yeah, it was not even a storm) you would've seen a lot of Genesis 8:7-12 = August 7, 2012 posts hinting that it is a whole repeat of the Noah's Ark story.  This sudden increase in panic now that there's some religious element to the whole ordeal annoys me. To pin natural disasters on God, ridiculously coincidental or otherwise, seems silly to me.

For all intents and purposes the major flooding happened because of what I assume to be clogged up canals and a huge amount of rain no one expected. And I'll also assume that this weather is all tied up to climate change, and I don't need to get detailed there.

If God were to strike a storm on the Noah's Ark scale I'd assume that the whole planet would be under 400+mm of rainfall and counting. 

It is this need to project the problem outside of your ability to affect it makes me feel like we're all too scared of facing up to the reality of things to handle it ourselves. "God made it happen so all I can do is repent and pray that it stops"

Bahala Na
Pentax K-30 + SMCP DA 50-200/4-5.6 ED WR

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